Re: virus: Cow

Dan Plante (
Thu, 20 May 1999 01:14:30 -0700

At 07:47 AM 19/05/99 -0400, someone wrote:

>> Excuse me but rape is not sex, its violence. You dont use a whip to
>> give a backrub do you? It is a BAD comparison.

Cypher wrote:

>...I wasn't comparing rape to sex. I was comparing rape to the
>killing, dismembering, distribution and consumption of a living
>organism - the cow.
> has nothing to do with this. Violence has everything to do
>with this.

Humor me here, if you will:

  1. Define "living organism", then:
  2. Identify exactly how far down the food chain of "living organisms" you go before you cease to bother yourself with the considerations you grant to cows, and:
  3. Why you draw the line there.