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> Joe is correct that I do not believe in an "intersubjective" reality (I
> believe in a truth based on objective existence and not one which is
> socially determined and agreed upon or compromised upon)... the
> agreement and compromise as regards a unified truth (read "god") is a
> disavowal of truth in order to buy-in (agree to) and sell-out
> (compromise) oneself (one's god nature) for plurality (the many-headed
> beast/ whore of babylon). Thus, Joe is also right that I do not respect
> his opinions-- which ARE "intersubjective" (that is, which are pagan)
> and which merely (because of , or in spite of that) exist so as to
> justify his perverse tendencies (among them, "arguing" philosophy by
> casting stones).
Ad hominum is the most telling of fallacies, because it has the bite of truth to it. Do you deny what I have here opined about your mental disabilities? As for believing in an objective reality but not in an intersubjective one, what the hell do you think provides the noumenal basis for the intersubjective apprehension of phenomena? Isn't "believe in the objective" itself an oxymoron? You can't get to what you believe in except through what you deny, and besides, it is then not a matter of belief, but of knowledge, complete with evidence, since if one holds the principle of noncontradiction to be a reasonable one to apply to worldly phenomena and the physical substrate from which they issue, then the totality of the universe (perceived and not) must noncontradictorally include the perceived perspectives upon them as aspects. The fact that I and a million other people can agree that the McDonald's arches are yellow does not entail that we either deify this agreement or that we worship the arch's luscious curves as some kind of "whore of babylon" or look for a profusion of hydra heads at the ends of the monochrome rainbow (maybe you'd get back on your meds, Brett - and fast). And aren't you the same guy who claimed on his list to be a "mage", O Pagan-Disparaging One? I guess ifn youze duz it, it's OK, but if someone else does, it's a BAD THING, by your (self-asserted) infallible definition. Bullus shittus. The truth is, Brett, that you are one sick, selfrighteous and passive-aggressively condemnatory (sell-out, disavowal of truth, buy-in, compromise, perverse) fuckwad who surreptitiously labels anyone who disagrees with your warped and twisted view of the world as morally deficient or degenerate, and you oughta be bronzed and put on permanent display on this list as a particularly pernicious and virulent example of a cognitive virus.
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