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Joe is correct that I do not believe in an "intersubjective" reality (I believe in a truth based on objective existence and not one which is socially determined and agreed upon or compromised upon)... the agreement and compromise as regards a unified truth (read "god") is a disavowal of truth in order to buy-in (agree to) and sell-out (compromise) oneself (one's god nature) for plurality (the many-headed beast/ whore of babylon). Thus, Joe is also right that I do not respect his opinions-- which ARE "intersubjective" (that is, which are pagan) and which merely (because of , or in spite of that) exist so as to justify his perverse tendencies (among them, "arguing" philosophy by casting stones).

Brett Lane Robertson
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> The following was mis-stated in my original post (below):
>   Will is the supposed negation of chance; but the affirmation of
> chance is order (in this way, will opposes order and this is not
> necessitated through chance but by force):
> This should read:
> Will is the supposed negation of chance [which suggests necessary
> existence and so order, indirectly]; but the [direct] affirmation of
> EXISTENCE is order...
> Brett Lane Robertson
> Indiana, USA
> MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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I have had the dubious "pleasure' of subscribing to Brett's "Mindwreck" list; while there I found out, from Brett himself, that

(1) He is not gainfully employed (and in my opinion is probably surviving on a mental disability stipend).

(2)  He has no sex life
(3)  He has no social life
(4)  He believes that (1), (2) and (3) grant him infallibility (his exact 
words were, "...I can't be wrong...). This is typical of egocentric, messianic, solipsistic or megalomanic processing. (5) He is addicted to serial negation, negating negation, and negating the negated negation, among other negations (in which he himself has a tendency to get lost).
(6) When you untie al the quasi-Gordian nugatory knots in his pseudo-psycho-philosophical screeds, they do not map onto any remotely feasible intersubjective reality. (7) His posts are typically tortuously convoluted and vaguely malevolent or threatening warnings of the horrors of error, unconsciousness or moral deficiency, all of which he circuitously assures all and sundry will befall them if they do not agree with him completely (supposing they have the patience to untangle his syntax to the point where it can be unambiguously identified for the drivel it is). This is known in the clinical literature as hebephrenia (word-salad), and is commonly found coexisting with the megalomania (and subsequent paranoia he feels about those who resent him for being the "chosen" one - he has spoken of himself in christlike terms -"no place to lay my head" on Mindwreck) in schizophrenics.
My BA is in philosophy, and my MA is in Humanities Interdisciplinary (philisophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology), so I am more than qualified to pronounce his bizarre faux-logical meanderings as the dreck they are. If I were him, I wouldn'y brag about an MA in education (supposing he was able to obtain one before schizophrenia kicked in), as that is a lightweight degree akin to a degree in social work.