Re: virus: Disproofs and other such falacies

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 12 May 1999 12:04:35 -0700

Nathan of SnowLeopard wrote:

>Friday night at youth group, the youth group Joy introduced me to, the
>pastor came down and told us that we had ten minutes to brainstorm, in two
>teams, proof that he existed. He walked away.

>In spite of the fact that he sat right there, we "disproved" him. Then we
>read doubting Thomas' trademark story. I wanted to know how seeing what
>believed in constituted faith. A quote I learned, now I'd like it to share
>it with you.
>"Faith is not a substitute for reason, or proof, but it may sometimes be a

Sounds like you're in an interesting group with a good teacher who had some useful insights. And you're right, that quote is a gem!

What did you (or he) say about the times when the sale-item is already on the shelf? (To follow the analogy) Do you pick it up then so you can start using it, or just get yourself a raincheck for it instead?

In curiousity and wonder-
-Prof. Tim