Re: virus: Snow Leopard

Wed, 12 May 1999 12:45:24 -0700

Snow Leopard wrote:

> One of the great things about being part of a collective is that we don't
> have to individually read all threads, but all threads will be read.

One of the great things about having no interest in the Virus project and simply using the list as an arena in which to practice the dogma-defense techniques we have learned from our masters is that we don't have to bother with reading the explanation and statement of intent for the list, nor do we feel any obligation to follow any threads that we suspect might be focussed on the Virus agenda.

Again, that's your prerogative. If you manage to distract us from our shared purpose, we have only ourselves to blame.

> We
> haven't formulated an answer yet.

You're under no obligation to do so.

> A small side remark, now onto more important matters.
> If you would so kindly recall, in the beginning, we weren't looking for a
> fight. "A message from a newcomer" was started by the Snow Leopard
> collective, and in the very first message, we used Christianity /for/ the
> list, not against it.

If you will recall, I responded to your "a message from a newcomer" with a message of welcome. I've been waiting for you to contribute to the Virus project, and I'd still like to see you enter the discussion.

> The line was something like, "Personally, I've found
> that if a meme complex is too agreeable, many will not accept it. I found
> when I was witnessing, that the gospel message was just too easy."

Interesting. What lesson do you think the Virus crew can take from your experience and apply to the task of consciously engineering a religion?

> Two questions Nathan quoted that I can answer:
> If we are "made in the image of God," why do we have imperfections such as
> an appendix?

Looks like you've segued back into Christian apologetics, so I'll tune out here.

Take care.