virus: Disproofs and other such falacies

Snow Leopard (
Wed, 12 May 1999 05:38:36 PDT

This is Nathan, formerly Since last I wrote in, I got saved, and found myself involved with the "pack" you call Snow Leopard.

Friday night at youth group, the youth group Joy introduced me to, the pastor came down and told us that we had ten minutes to brainstorm, in two teams, proof that he existed. He walked away. This was, of course, a real person, who had talked to us, preached to us, opened his house, and heart.

After the ten minutes, we regrouped. Pastor George led the discussion proving/disproving his existence. Between Joy and me, we disproved every one of the proofs. It wasn't too hard, most of it was documents, photographs etc. (When the pastor's children wanted to know how they got there, the "milkman theory" was fairly amusing!)

In spite of the fact that he sat right there, we "disproved" him. Then we read doubting Thomas' trademark story. I wanted to know how seeing what one believed in constituted faith. A quote I learned, now I'd like it to share it with you.

"Faith is not a substitute for reason, or proof, but it may sometimes be a raincheck."

Best to you!


PS I think the "Believing Borg" comment was funny. I commonly try to get my friends to call me Locutus… would this now be considered heresy?

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