RE: virus: Re: META: topical rules

Snow Leopard (
Fri, 07 May 1999 11:40:12 PDT

>Juliet wrote:
><<I know that the very first thing you're going to do is shake your head
>say "typical", but this seems a little biased. Yes, Christians will come
>and we will make our statements. You will come and make your statements.
>People of every religion are welcome, or else you're not as open-minded as
>you claim to be. Where do you stand?>>

>I stand for enlightenment. This is a Church, not an open forum. I assume
>that everyone coming here wants to have his or her illusions dispelled and
>to gain in clarity of understanding.

I'm sorry, but there /is/ a separate list for more dedicated followers. This is not a church. It is not truly an *open* forum either, but if it were, you'd *really* hate what I have to say (more).

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