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Richard Brodie (
Thu, 6 May 1999 10:24:00 -0700

Juliet wrote:

<<I know that the very first thing you're going to do is shake your head and say "typical", but this seems a little biased. Yes, Christians will come and we will make our statements. You will come and make your statements. People of every religion are welcome, or else you're not as open-minded as you claim to be. Where do you stand?>>

I stand for enlightenment. This is a Church, not an open forum. I assume that everyone coming here wants to have his or her illusions dispelled and to gain in clarity of understanding.

Arguing for a particular worldview is an activity that we call "Level 2."
(Level 1 is not even having a clear worldview to argue, but simply behaving
on instinct. Nobody like that would sign up for this list.) One form of enlightenment is to realize that there is no "true" worldview, but that each set of beliefs produces certain results in the form of feelings and behaviors. Christianity is a very good worldview in many ways. At its best it tends to produce cooperation, community, outreach, and a feeling of security among other things. Yet "believing in" any belief system also has its downside, especially if the beliefs are not chosen consciously with full self-knowledge and long-term vision in mind. It may be difficult at first to imagine what that downside might be, but at some point you will come to realize that there is more. It is not "better" to be more enlightened, and where you are is perfectly fine, although I realize it's difficult for that not to sound condescending. My belief is that there is more fun, power, and contribution to be made from a more enlightened place.

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