Re: virus: Re: META: topical rules

Snow Leopard (
Fri, 07 May 1999 11:41:50 PDT

>There is a difference between an open mind and a wise one. Anything
>goes doesn't wash.
>Most of us have arrived at atheism through science, reason, and the
>processes of elimination.
>When Christians use the same arguments we may have thought through a
>billion times we are not being intolerant to reject it out of hand, we
>are wisely standing against what we consider superstition and ancient
>anachronisms. We may have been there too, at one time.
>Evolutionary Biology and Cosmology have lots of information that
>Christians ignore. Why not teach these if we can.

You're right, and I was very much incorrect when I said "evolution" I meant as an explaination of the origin of life. Need I remind anyone that we've disproved spontanious generation for hundreds of years? The first "Simple" cell and its formation were the odds I was referencing.

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