RE: virus: Looking for blame in all the wrong places

amir (
Sun, 02 May 1999 21:49:35 -0400

>quote them again, "We want to be different, we want to be strange and we
>don't want jocks or other people putting us down."
>Is what they wanted so wrong?

to be different and strange and not to be put down... there is nothing wrong with wanting that... shooting up classmates: there is something wrong with doing that.

i am appalled, i can hardly express why, but i am: im appalled by the shooters because of their inability to control themselves. im appalled by their parents for not noticing that something was wrong with their children.
im appalled at their teachers for not noticing and addressing the social/emotional status of the shooters. im appalled by their classmates for mocking them because they were different. im appalled by the media for showing multiple one-sided arguments for all the different perspectives.
im appalled by the government for responding with more gun-control and censorship bills.
im appalled by the american people for playing a nationwide blame game in order to discover the best way to prevent this from happening again.

~the great tinkerer