Re: virus: Androgynetics

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 2 May 1999 21:08:52 -0400

>Sorry, but what's 'Gaia'? And do you really think it's a "trend"? I
>thought men have been shagging men and vice versa for ages. Only, in the
>closet, so to speak. I guess you could say that *open* homosexuality is a
>little bit of a trend in some areas, but the preference/behavior itself is

Gaia is a theory that the Earth is a complete and active organism, and that it has its own 'memetics', and that part of that is a system of biological/geological regulation of nature.

Yes, homosexuality has been a facet of sexuality since the first, but, also, and I am basing this on probably biased figures from a Gay/Lesbian Alliance person, percentages of homosexuality as a portion of population is rising, and, in addition, its visibility has precluded the necessity for gay men to have sham marriages, with the required children. More often these days, gay couples are adopting. (Of course, this is Cambridge, USA....) So, less procreation from them.

>It depends on what you seek out as 'female'.

Ah. And what you seek out as 'male'. I said 'woman' and 'man' and I think that is more to the mark. It depends on what you seek out as 'male'. And androgynes do no seeking. Nothing to seek....

Different cultures have different versions of what to seek, but, so far, no androgyne culture (and IMHO there won't be) has shown up and continued past the fad stage.

Because, how could it?