Re: virus: Forwarding the forwards

Fianna Likayvi (
Sat, 1 May 1999 10:28:32 -0700 (PDT)

Just because you are clean doesn't mean that you will test clean.

Earlier this year, I was suspended from school for alcohol (all based on hearsay, nobody saw us, but had to confess and get suspended for a week, or be expelled if we wouldn't admit to it) But while suspended we had to go to our local drug rehabilitation institution and have assessments and UAs.

The only thing I had that may have shown up in the UA was alcohol. I didn't do any narcotics (in fact, I've never done any of those nice little illegal drugs)

A few days later when I received the results for my UA said I had methamphetamines, alcohol, marijuana and several other random substances which I can't recall.

I'm not on any medication, haven't been for years so the methamphetamines weren't there, I'd never smoked marijuana before, and our little alcohol escapade had happened nearly a week earlier.

For how fast alcohol leaves your system it is 2 hours per beer. and it's either 2 or 1 beers equals a shot of hard liquor.

Between four of us we'd gone through a large bottle of Jim Beam, but either way, the stuff would have left my system days before.

Eh, just commenting that even though you do take a UA, the results aren't guaranteed to be accurate.


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