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Subject: FW: Urinalysis: Oh, joy!
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Subject: Urinalysis: Oh, joy!

> Children should not use narcotics unless necessary. Having said
> that, I cannot overemphasize the absolute importance of defeating this
> insidious proposal. (see: )
> As someone who is forced to take urine tests, I can assure all of you that
> they are degrading, divisive, largely ineffective, and an absolute
> abomination to any person who believes in the fundamental precepts of the
> Constitution.

I just wanted to share my own recent experience with urine testing.
recently reported to Dallas County Probation Office, and my meeting went fine. However, when the meeting was over, I was asked to submit a urine sample for drug/alcohol screening. I didn't think this was any big deal. After all, I use public restrooms all the time.

I was sent to a small bathroom, with another gentlemen to watch me
give the
sample. I pulled down my pants, and held the little plastic cup, but for the
life of me I could not urinate. After about a minute, the observer said to
drink some water, and we would try again in 30 minutes.

After drink about a gallon of water, and three more attempts, with
success, my bladder felt like it was going to burst. I told the man that I
was going to pee whether he stayed or not. After about a minute, he said that he didn't have all day, took the cup from me, and left. I was asking
him to wait outside the door until I started, as he walked away. Shortly thereafter, I was able to urinate. I called for him to bring in the cup, but
he did not respond.

I left the bathroom, and found him, and tried to explain. He said
that the
law requires him to be present from the beginning to the end of the process,
and that he could not bring in the cup while I was partway through urinating. My probation officer happened by, and asked what was up. When I
told her, she replied that I would have to stay there until I could submit a
sample. Failure to submit a sample is an automatic positive result, she said. She told me that I could talk to a judge about a blood test.

I became quite upset, was in tears actually, and another man came
over and
asked me to leave the office. I went to my father's house, explained to him,
and he called my doctor. My father called back the probation officer, and
she completely changed her tune. She told my father that I could visit an
area hospital, have a blood sample taken and analyzed, and have them send
the results to her at the Probation Office.

I am not happy with the way my probation officer or the urine collector
(for lack of a better term) handled this situation. I think I am going to
request a different probation officer, and simply submit blood samples at
the hospital from now on.

I felt humiliated at my inability to perform on demand in front of
audience and under immense pressure. I didn't anticipate any difficulties,
and I know that my sample will test clean. I hope this helps some of you who
haven't been through this to understand why urinalysis can be so embarrassing. After all, two days ago, I didn't think it was any big deal

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