Re: virus: the making of Sebastrius...the Nephew of God..or

Trey Remington (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 11:45:32 PDT

>From: "Dr Sebby" <>
>Subject: virus: the making of Sebastrius...the Nephew of God..or
>Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:35:12 CEST
> Just a thought...due to the arrival of a new millenium, it has
>occured to me that it would be of perfect timing to launch any
>prospective efforts as to ascending to 'savior' or 'demigod' status.

>I can't help but wonder how many world wide believers are secretly
>suspecting the arrival of some new 'messiah'. Human fascination with
>our man made number systems seems sadly universal...this '2000' thing
>will heighten the belief ratio for anyones attempt by...lots! As i
>was in attendance at Notre Dame here in Paris on Easter Sunday, i
>couldn't help but notice how easy it would have been to just stride
>right up to the microphone without any hindrance from
>least for 15 seconds -tops 35. Anyway...i wasn't prepared with any
>fire tricks or speeches so i thought i would forego
the opportunity.

Who's our resident magician?

>But Christmas day could be another story. If i could casually
>perform some 'magicians' miracle whilst giving a quick,
>enlightened 'feelgood' speech...all the while proclaiming myself as
>the icon or saviour for the next millenium...i suspect people's
>desperate need to believe combined with the timing would generate
>some results...i could follow up on this by having a web site(address
>given in the speach) ready and waiting for my glorious flock to come.
>at the very worst i would be cited for disturbing the peace...anyway,
>just a rough thought..i suspect it could really be developed into
> least a funny evening?..Comments? Encouragement?
>Mail?...ooh what about a syncronized, world wide operation? i know
>something would happen.
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Don't mean to be the party pooper here(no pun intended), you'll have plenty of competition no doubt. A synchronized world wide operation? What if 12 of us and 1 claimed to be the reincarnations/resurrections of Ya'shua bin Maryam/Isa ibn Yusef/Jesus Christ and his band of merry marauders? If I remember right, The Day Of Pentecost was a virus; a meme that magickally had its constraints removed and spread faster than venereal disease in a whorehouse in a penitentiary. 'Preaching' is a means of propagating memes. Muhammad was infected by Allah's virus via Gabri'El, in a cave. Moses and the commandments, Noah and the Ark, Daniel in the lions' den, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednigo... The FACT is, _all_ were infected, according to the 'true' scriptures by God or something, or the mushrooms.

Of course we'll have to ensure our/your/my new followers that we won't treat them like the Conquistadors did Montezuma. Nor will we engage in politics, advertising, and other "evils"(fingers crossed). Lead the children of (--?--) to a brave new world. You will, naturally, have some enemies. If they are of the smart type they won't even think about touching you for fear of retaliation from your new converts.

And, check this !!!

The King Darwin Bible/Qur'an/Torah/Bhagavad-Gita Millenium Edition, 1st printing, leather bound w/gold embossed script Ch. 1 "Memesis" And in the beginning...

On a more serious note, how about a view of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions through the eyes of a memetic engineer. Train the masses this technique after a basic course in memetic science and let 'em go. I'm sure we'll get some surprising revelations and discoveries... what once may have been ambiguous and vague may become more definitive and understandable, though I say leave 'God' out of the picture, remain scientific to prevent the 'Devil' (Irrationality/Emotional brain programming,etc.) from entering the picture. My 'Messiah' is Intelligence/Knowledge/Information.

For a good measure, choose a site known for its religious mysteries. Stonehenge perhaps, or the Pyramids of Giza, Central America; whatever serves the purpose. Mecca and Israel are ruled out for obvious reasons.

We can accomplish a deed that would make Martin Luther proud.

Trey Remington

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