Re: virus: the making of Sebastrius...the Nephew of God..or

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 02:18:11 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Trey Remington wrote:

> On a more serious note, how about a view of the
> Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions through the eyes of a memetic
> engineer. Train the masses this technique after a basic course in
> memetic science and let 'em go. I'm sure we'll get some surprising
> revelations and discoveries... what once may have been ambiguous and
> vague may become more definitive and understandable, though I say
> leave 'God' out of the picture, remain scientific to prevent the
> 'Devil' (Irrationality/Emotional brain programming,etc.)
from entering
> the picture. My 'Messiah' is Intelligence/Knowledge/Information.

You know, someone with little or no morals and a particularly evil sense of irony might be inspired to write a little essay about something like the spread of sinful, worldly practices as a way of explaining memetics to the devoted, God-fearing Christian (without ever making mention of "God" as a meme) and then send the tract around to Christian publishers (or submit it to Readers Digest for that matter) and then just let nature take it's course.

Thankfully there are nothing but fine upstanding, highly moral individuals here; the kind who would never think of engaging in such a wonderfully subtle deception.

-Prof. Tim