virus: the making of Sebastrius...the Nephew of God..or "Something"

Dr Sebby (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:35:12 CEST

Just a thought...due to the arrival of a new millenium, it has occured to me that it would be of perfect timing to launch any prospective efforts as to ascending to 'savior' or 'demigod' status. I can't help but wonder how many world wide believers are secretly suspecting the arrival of some new 'messiah'. Human fascination with our man made number systems seems sadly universal...this '2000' thing will heighten the belief ratio for anyones attempt by...lots! As i was in attendance at Notre Dame here in Paris on Easter Sunday, i couldn't help but notice how easy it would have been to just stride right up to the microphone without any hindrance from least for 15 seconds -tops 35. Anyway...i wasn't prepared with any fire tricks or speeches so i thought i would forego the opportunity. But Christmas day could be another story. If i could casually perform some 'magicians' miracle whilst giving a quick, enlightened 'feelgood' speech...all the while proclaiming myself as the icon or saviour for the next millenium...i suspect people's desperate need to believe combined with the timing would generate some results...i could follow up on this by having a web site(address given in the speach) ready and waiting for my glorious flock to come.

at the very worst i would be cited for disturbing the peace...anyway, just a rough thought..i suspect it could really be developed into least a funny evening?..Comments? Encouragement? Hate- ?...ooh what about a syncronized, world wide operation? i know something would happen.

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