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Thu, 08 Apr 1999 21:27:59 -0400

>Pagan2012: hello, came across your personal... that nazi statement was a
> Redrum400: nein

sorry to tell you, but the person you were talking to has no idea what hes talking about...

my grandparents and all their siblings are all survivors of the holocaust so i suppose i, if anyone, should add more to the topic of neo-naziism

i heard Yaron Svoray speak at a local college regarding his book: "In Hitler's Shadow : An Israeli's Amazing Journey Inside Germany's Neo-Nazi Movement"
at 009183-5139843

heres the short story on Yaron Svoray:
"YARON SVORAY, the Israeli son of Holocaust survivors, risked his life to expose the growing threat of Germany's new Nazi movement. By posing as Nazi sympathizer "Ron Furey", Svoray was able to infiltrate the Nazi organizations to their highest levels where he made a number of shocking and disturbing discoveries. Yaron recounted his journey through the heart of racism and anti-Semitism in his book, "In Hitler's Shadow" and the HBO original film " The Infiltrator." This presentation is an absolute must for programmers seeking exciting and thought provoking events."

~the great tinkerer