RE: virus: levels only two

the great tinkerer (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 20:53:01 -0400

>Very good point. And if a theory is inaccurate, the only thing we can
>accurately say about it is that it's inaccurate. We can't say that it's not

its useful, if you wish to find out WHY the theory is inacurate... i didnt mean you cant learn from your mistakes... rating systems have a purpose to them, usually order or for selection/statistical purposes. the level system seems like your ego finding a way to be diminuitive (you darn level one thinker) or to increase itself (well.. i suppose it takes a level three'r to tell you that)... hehe catch my drift? well... you [richard] are still one of the coolest people on the internet (i mean it too :-) besides:
if a book is filled with lies, is it not worth reading?

~the great tinkerer