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they are out there... and as silly as ever

the following chat took place in the late evening of sunday march 28th, 1999 and monday march 29th, 1999... it ended at 1:59am... ah, the joys of being a nite owl, lol

Pagan2012: hello, came across your personal... that nazi statement was a joke, right?
Redrum400: nein
Pagan2012: i thought that shit died off years ago, i mean... i know we have the kkk but that is not the nazis

 Redrum400:  the kkk iswhite trash
 Pagan2012:  ya, no shit
 Pagan2012:  but one can say the same about the nazis
 Redrum400:  nein!
 Pagan2012:  actually, they can... i've heard it before
 Redrum400:  but, its not true.
 Pagan2012:  hell... your leader (as enigmatic as he was) got everyone to hate
jews and people with dark hair though he had dark hair and was the son of a jew
 Redrum400:  he was not.
 Pagan2012:  please, you obviously didn't pass history class
 Redrum400:  that has never been proven
 Pagan2012:  what was never proven? that he had brown hair... look at his
Redrum400: thats his father was a jew
Pagan2012: actually that was proven... i don't have my books here because i just moved but, there is proof...
Pagan2012: regardless, he was for the Aryan race yet, he himself had dark hair and dark eyes...
Redrum400: yes?? and??
Pagan2012: you must be missing the obvious point... how can one who has dark hair and eyes want to wipe out everyone that isn't blonde with fair skin and light eyes... he basically asked a nation to kill him
 Redrum400:  he wanted a pure german race...and he was pure german
 Pagan2012:  yet he killed off everyone with dark hair, eyes and skin
 Pagan2012:  or at least tried to
 Redrum400:  they were jews
 Pagan2012:  i know plenty of blonde jews
 Pagan2012:  and i know plenty of german jews
 Redrum400:  there are no such thing as german jews
 Pagan2012:  judaism is a religion
 Redrum400:  yes, and??
 Pagan2012:  and how can you be for an all german race when i bet you have
plenty of non german blood
Redrum400: no, the only one in my family that is not german is my great great grandma, she was austrian
Pagan2012: i find that a bit hard to believe... it is hard to find a 100% german in germany these days
Redrum400: believe what you wish
Pagan2012: so, you're more or less wanting to kill off everyone that is not 100% german?
 Redrum400:  pretty much
 Pagan2012:  there's a tough goal to reach
 Pagan2012:  all you need to do is step outside and shoot everyone you see
 Redrum400:  we are turing to medical..
 Pagan2012:  ?
 Redrum400:  yes, like the angel of death did
 Pagan2012:  and when do you expect to have everyone killed off?
 Redrum400:  not everyone would be killed off, i thought i made that clear
 Pagan2012:  everyone who isn't 100% german
 Redrum400:  we will use medical purposes to make people ober
 Pagan2012:  ?
 Redrum400:  pure..make people pure..
 Pagan2012:  what do you mean by that?
 Redrum400:  we can do stuff w/ make those who are not the
herrenvolk pure..
Pagan2012: what, genetic manipulation?
 Redrum400:  neit
 Redrum400:  at first
 Pagan2012:  and then?
 Redrum400:  after everyone is pure??
 Pagan2012:  after your genetic shit
 Redrum400:  we haven't planned that far..
 Pagan2012:  so, you are basically using genetic manipulation to make everyone
a german?
 Redrum400:  not witheveryone
 Pagan2012:  who is not deemed "worthy"
 Redrum400:  i'm just saying those who do have a bit of german in them willbe
handled differently
 Pagan2012:  differently?
 Redrum400:  yes
 Pagan2012:  and how is that?
 Redrum400:  well it all depends..
 Pagan2012:  do you guys have a website... because i fall into the "other"
catagory and i'd like to see how i will be dealt with
 Redrum400:  no, we don't have a website that would apply to that.
 Pagan2012:  do you have a web site at all>
 Pagan2012:  and how do you think i would be dealt with?
 Redrum400:  are you a jew??
 Pagan2012:  not as far as blood line, i have been studying ancient jewish
mysticism lately and find it very interesting however, i have no german blood
 Redrum400:  color hair and eyes??
 Pagan2012:  dark brown hair and hazel eyes
 Redrum400:  you are white??
 Pagan2012:  yes, primarily welsh
 Redrum400:  you would probably have an operation
 Pagan2012:  in what sense?
 Pagan2012:  i have no german blood
 Redrum400:  your eye lens would be removed.
 Pagan2012:  what? made blue?
 Redrum400:  yes
 Pagan2012:  is it possible to get green... i have always wanted green eyes
 Redrum400:  maybe..
 Pagan2012:  what about my hair?
 Redrum400:  pulled out and transplanted
 Pagan2012:  ouch... i have alot of hair...
 Pagan2012:  you know, that still wont make me german
 Redrum400:  you will go through a program that will lit. brain wash you
 Pagan2012:  not to mention the fact that i wouldn't let you
 Pagan2012:  brainwash me? theres a good one
 Redrum400:  you wouldn't let me??
 Pagan2012:  of course not... i am proud of my heritage, the welsh rock...
 Redrum400:  then you'd be shot
 Pagan2012:  granted, germany has some kick ass music but, i love everyone...
why would i want to be a part of something that is killing everyone, not to mention turning everyone into a mindless clone Pagan2012: and i suppose you have some top secret government agency backing all this?
 Redrum400:  :o) not really..
 Pagan2012:  and you think no one will try and stop you?
 Redrum400:  this all will happen way after i'm dead probably
 Pagan2012:  but you guys have no idea on how you will accomplish any of this?
 Redrum400:  we do
 Pagan2012:  how do you suppose you will pull all this off without the
government killing all of you like they did in Waco with the Branch Divdians?
 Redrum400:  because we are totally different
 Pagan2012:  not in the eyes of the government
 Pagan2012:  hell, we're bombing the hell out of a country right now for their
attempt at genocide
 Redrum400:  we are not part of your government
 Pagan2012:  that doesn't mean that the government will not try to stop you
 Redrum400:  they don't know anything...they have nothing on us...we haven't
done anything..
 Pagan2012:  yes but, you will
 Redrum400:  i know
 Pagan2012:  hell, you are going to kill me, i know that i wont let that
happen... even if the government knows nothing, the people you try and kill will stop you... remember, there are more of us than there are of you Redrum400: i'm not going to kill you
Pagan2012: i have brown hair and hazel eyes, i am not german and i will not allow you to preform surgery on me or attempt to brainwash me... not to mention the fact that you said i would be shot
 Redrum400:  yes, but we are not doing that, are we?
 Pagan2012:  you said that you would
 Redrum400:  not for a long long time
 Pagan2012:  regardless... you will eventually try and, if the government
doesn't try and stop you, people like me will
 Redrum400:  mm hmm..sure
 Pagan2012:  you honestly think that people will allow you to do this?
 Redrum400:  people won't know.
 Pagan2012:  you're going to go around preforming surgery on people and they
wont know?
 Pagan2012:  not to mention that you are going to shoot me but i wont know?
 Redrum400:  no one knew about the camps
 Pagan2012:  it is a different time now... mass communication was not as
advanced as it is now
 Redrum400:  yes, but one will know
 Pagan2012:  i find that very hard to believe
 Redrum400:  believe what you will
 Pagan2012:  you need to think a bit more realistically... you are basically
saying that you are going to surgically turn everyone you can into "German Clones" and kill off the ones that wont let you (like myself) and you think no one will notice?
 Redrum400:  first we must gain political popwer
 Pagan2012:  that would be an interesting political campaign, lol
 Pagan2012:  "Vote for us and we'll make you a German wether you like it or
Redrum400: :o) cute..
Pagan2012: i really don't think it will ever work... you'll have better luck moving all of your "people" to an island and forming your own country
 Redrum400:  okay....that may be your opinion
 Pagan2012:  true but, i have more backing
 Redrum400:  nein....
 Pagan2012:  how many people are in the Nazi party?
 Redrum400:  ohhhh  i dunno..
 Pagan2012:  rough estimate?
 Redrum400:  its hard to say...there are different fields
 Pagan2012:  1000, 2000?
 Redrum400:  in my field....probably
 Pagan2012:  your field?
 Redrum400:  medical
 Pagan2012:  how many fields are there?
 Redrum400:  7
 Pagan2012:  with 1-2 thousand in each?
 Redrum400:  yes
 Pagan2012:  well... that makes 7-14 thousand people in the nazi party...
subtract that from about 23 billion (the worlds population) and that is everyone that is on my side
 Pagan2012:  i don;t think you'll make it
 Pagan2012:  hell, i know Germans that are against you
 Redrum400:  there weren't that many in the 30'-40's either
 Pagan2012:  and you saw what happened then
 Redrum400:  we only lost because of a sleeping pill
 Pagan2012:  ?
 Pagan2012:  you lost because you had several countries blowing the shit out of
 Redrum400:  no, we lost because of a sleeping pill
 Pagan2012:  how is that?
 Redrum400:  hitler took a sleeping pill during the invasion and no one would
wake him to launch a large bomb to win the war.
 Pagan2012:  lol
 Redrum400:  its true
 Pagan2012:  i don;t think that would have worked... you had several countries
against you...
Pagan2012: you drop one bomb on one of the countries and all the others would have bombed you
Redrum400: no, it would have
it wasn't one bomb
 Pagan2012:  still, a long shot
 Pagan2012:  and that still doesn't say that you will make it this time
 Redrum400:  you never know
 Pagan2012:  furthermore... the last time you tried this you were too stupid to
wake your leader during an invasion and too stupid to think of doing anything without his approval... are you really that much smarter? Redrum400: they were scared of him.... Pagan2012: regardless of it all, i don't think it will work because i wont let it happen to me
Redrum400: you are one person
Pagan2012: i don't really care how many people you have, i know alot of people who know alot of people (and so on) and none of us will let it happen
 Redrum400:  uh huh....
 Pagan2012:  and even if they all do back out... you'd never get me
 Redrum400:  do you really think i would care??
 Pagan2012:  you'd just have to wait until i died naturally before you had your
perfect race of mindless clones
Redrum400: uh huh...
Pagan2012: i don't see why you shouldn't care... i am not german and i wont let you preform your silly operation on me...
 Redrum400:  you said that before..
 Pagan2012:  just reinstateing the fact that your goals will never be reached
 Redrum400:  thats what you think
 Pagan2012:  true but, i have more facts to base my beliefs off of
 Redrum400:  okay
 Pagan2012:  and on that note, i am off... it was, well, interesting talking to
 Redrum400:  uh huh..bye bye
 Redrum400:  hail hitler
 Pagan2012:  want my address so you can come and kill me now?
 Redrum400:  nein
 Pagan2012:  lol

the great tinkerer wrote:

> >It seems that the Nazi's are unique in their impression upon us. Most
> >Americans, and I think the world, are willing to ignore, or dont make the
> >associations with, Nazi-like actions unless directly confronted. How long
> >until the Nazi iconography is so deep in our consciousness that they no
> >longer provoke the horror they do now? We often mention other acts of
> >Genocide in the last 200 years, yet except for the Nazi atrocity, there
> >seems to be little emotional response.
> as hitler is claimed to have said "no one remembers the armenians"
> ...i heard in great depth about the armenian genocide, very thought
> provoking and disturbing... far closer to the nazis than kosovo. rwanda is
> closer that kosovo as well...
> ~the great tinkerer
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