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the great tinkerer (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 17:29:12 -0400

>It seems that the Nazi's are unique in their impression upon us. Most
>Americans, and I think the world, are willing to ignore, or dont make the
>associations with, Nazi-like actions unless directly confronted. How long
>until the Nazi iconography is so deep in our consciousness that they no
>longer provoke the horror they do now? We often mention other acts of
>Genocide in the last 200 years, yet except for the Nazi atrocity, there
>seems to be little emotional response.

as hitler is claimed to have said "no one remembers the armenians" ...i heard in great depth about the armenian genocide, very thought provoking and disturbing... far closer to the nazis than kosovo. rwanda is closer that kosovo as well...
~the great tinkerer