RE: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies

Zloduska (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 00:37:13 -0500

The being formerly known as Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

>*Enchantment* is a mindset. It can established in a second mind
>symbolically (preceeding the re-organization of this second mindset to
>accomodate the meme-- "teletubbies", for example). The mindset of
>enchantment involves "amusement". *Amusement* is the state of
>self-enmeshment within which all external stimuli is perceived like a
>baby might perceive it. It is one of the 5 most powerful memesets I
>have worked with (enchantment, trance, mystification, glamour, and
>illusion). It is as powerful as a "hypnotic" trance state and the
>memes conveyed this way are as effective as "post hypnotic

Besides this being true for the Teletubbies...couldn't the exact same "Enchantment" idea be said of television in general? People are ABSORBED by their television set, even if only a commercial is on! And that is what really tweaks me about TV. Watching talk shows is like Poltergeist; the screen talks to you in the middle of night and tries to swallow your soul.

But anyway, what's special about the Teletubbies program if the rest of public tv has a similar enchanting, mind-melting effect? Sure, for young children in its simplicity lies it's brilliance, but on the other hand the same works for adults- programming is an efficient form of simple stimulus, but it's just plain STUPID. Those same tots watching the 'quality' Teletubbies show now will soon graduate into equally mindless sitcoms and soap operas. What's the use, folks?! We worry and fret over censorship, propriety, and educational quality of television programming for children, and try guard them from profanity, sex, and violence on the 'Net and in movies. But hell, as soon as they turn 18, we can't sell them enough smut or shove enough banal and empty weekly shitcoms down their throat, intermingled with alcohol and cigarettes commercials that use lots of SEX to sell the product, usually the same corporate sponsors for violent sports. Persecute me for that last run-on sentence, but may I mention the enthusiasm for 'patriotism' and the country's eagerness to push the same supposedly sheltered children into the military once they grow up so they may one day die or kill for something they don't really believe in, save their faith in 'freedom' that think they are fighting for. The American people are deluded, and we owe this to the likes of the X-files and Suddenly Susan! Teletubbies are only the beginning of this mental downward spiral, rid us of them and their ilk forever!

But yeah, I'm a cynic... ;-)