Re: virus: "Freedom, give it to me."

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 01:00:05 -0500

>I have yet to hear anyone here call themselves a pacifist.

Two cents gets me on here I guess.... It's not that I _call_ myself a pacifist, so much as I am one. I do not have any weapons in my possession beyond household items which, I suppose, could be used as such. I wear a beard precisely because Alexander, yes, that Alexander, told his troops so long ago to shave theirs. And I have yet to strike another person in anger, with malice aforethought. Or, perhaps thankfully, in regard to this account, in self-defence.

Now, if possessed of a weapon, and involved in self-defence, would a result of my actions be the death of another? Can't say- ain't been there, but, right now, since these items and this circumstance is not put upon me, I say no.

But I've always said I would help this country resist the invader. But I never plan to be one.

"Being an atheist is a matter not of moral choice,
     but of human obligation." - John Fowles
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