Re: virus: "Freedom, give it to me."

Bill Roh (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 20:55:41 -0500

KMO wrote:

> Sodom wrote:
> > Yes, please dont get me wrong, I have no martyr syndrome. I prefer life, but
> > I put very few limits on the ends or methods I would use to maintain some
> > "ideas" as mentioned above.
> I'm not particularly concerned when people say that they are willing to
> die for an idea. I am very concerned when people say that they are
> willing to KILL for an idea.
> Remember the scene in "Full Metal Jacket" in which the Marines were
> standing around the bodies of their fallen comrades trying to find the
> words that would give purpose to their deaths? Someone suggested that
> they died for "freedom."
> "Bullshit," said the burly machine-gunner. "If I'm gonna die for a word,
> my word is "poontang.""
> Level 1 or level 3?
> -KMO

I do remember that line, and I see your point, but like I said to Reed, there are plenty of things each of us would kill for. I have yet to hear anyone here call themselves a pacifist. I dont hink any of us can say, "there is no reason for which I would kill another human". Awful as it sounds, hiding from that part of what you are makes it all the more likely in my opinion. To kill for anything, I would have to be sure it was the right thing. Some of these things would be an easy choice. If I walked into my home and found a couple of men beating and raping my wife, I would kill them if the opportunity presented itself. I would not hesitate, I would not be nervous - I would be driven. Afterwords, I would cry like a baby, and it would take some time to recover.

So now it is different, more abstract, now it as a crime to be an Atheist and the police stae enforces this law with an iron fist. This also is good cause for killing, more difficult to live with, but the cause is necessary to life. Afganastan now is good example. If I were an Afgani, I would be a part of an anti-talaban group and I would do whatever was necessary to restore some kind of freedom. When we watch those who kill for such a cause, we can understand their plight, and we sympathize for them. Many of us supported the IRA, the Palestinians, or the Israelies - yet without terrorism and murder to guide them, they would all be powerless or wiped out today. Sympahthizing for killers, which most of us have done, is a small step from condoning murder.

Bill Roh