Re: virus: "Freedom, give it to me."

Zloduska (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 00:45:42 -0600

Resplendent in a purple suit studded with

rhinestones, Grand Ole Opry star Tim Rhodes sang:

>> [...] there are plenty of things each of us would kill for. I have yet to
>> hear anyone here call themselves a pacifist. I dont hink any of us can say,
>> "there is no reason for which I would kill another human".
>"I'm a pacifist." And although I there are many things I would die for, I
>yet to find any worth killing for. Especially love.

I have to echo that; I just don't think I have it in me to kill another person, no matter how much I may hate them. I won't hesitate if violence is necessary in the case of self-defense of myself or loved ones, but I've always felt plain awful after any sort of violent act. Sure I have a lot of anger and fury inside me, like everyone else, but there are better solutions than murder. In fact, oddly, I used to be plagued with frequent graphic, disturbing dreams in which I was a serial killer and I brutally butchered, stabbed (and decapitated) many men, but I always felt terrible remorse by the end of the dreams, and made atonement with my victims. It all comes down to that I'm too sensitive, especially when it comes to harming others. (But I s'pose that's a GOOD thing.)