Re: virus: The Alleged Virtues of Faith

Bill Roh (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:49:54 -0500

Ok, I dont remember that change in our wording. So to all - I APOLOGIZE - I like and agree with that statement and feel I have been "dogmatic" in retrospect. Bummer man.

Bill Roh

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> Hi,
> From: Deron Stewart <>
> <<
> <faith is bad> is a memetic loser -- a real dog, regardless of its
> truth value.
> Since CoV is supposed to be memetically engineered for success, why is
> it betting on such a loser as its fundamental creed?
> >>
> Well, I think you've mischaracterized the CoV. Not all that long ago,
> (a year?), during the "great faith war" with John Williams, the virus
> web page on ethics was changed from having "faith" as a sin to having
> "dogmatism" as the sin. The text was changed to read "dogmatic
> faith", which I think is the sin we point it out to be. Nowhere does
> virus rule that "faith", as a synonym for confidence or trust, is a
> sin, or even bad.
> "Dogmatism
> Through some twist of fate, western society has come to regard
> dogmatic faith as a virtue. To hold an idea as true despite all
> evidence to the contrary is an abdication of reason. Convictions are
> the end of knowledge, not the beginning; they are the enemy of truth
> more than lies."
> ERiC