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Right you are Eric. I think we've all benefited from the discussion.

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<faith is bad> is a memetic loser -- a real dog, regardless of its truth value.

Since CoV is supposed to be memetically engineered for success, why is it betting on such a loser as its fundamental creed?

Well, I think you've mischaracterized the CoV. Not all that long ago, (a year?), during the "great faith war" with John Williams, the virus web page on ethics was changed from having "faith" as a sin to having "dogmatism" as the sin. The text was changed to read "dogmatic faith", which I think is the sin we point it out to be. Nowhere does virus rule that "faith", as a synonym for confidence or trust, is a sin, or even bad.

Through some twist of fate, western society has come to regard dogmatic faith as a virtue. To hold an idea as true despite all evidence to the contrary is an abdication of reason. Convictions are the end of knowledge, not the beginning; they are the enemy of truth more than lies."