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Well, as someone who stood against a crowd, 2 times now, while being shouted at, had things thrown at them and the whole plethora of fear tactics. I feel confident I would stand there again to protect speach. It sucks to take the battery of abuses of the intollerant - but I am better for it. The experience of having my fellow Americans attack me so virulently for standing up for what I believe in, tought me that the freedom of expression in this country is at serious risk.

If they make Flag burning a crime, you will see me there again, burning my flag in front of the world. Taking the violence and insults as they come.

Bill Roh

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> Bill wrote:
> >I am not a People person either, but I would say that ideas are more
> >important than people. "Freedom" as an idea is worth dying
> and killing for.
> >I dont care how many people die so that "freedom" exists for
> the others -
> >including nuclear oblivion. So is "Individuality" and several others.
> >People, though essential to ideas, are disposable on the
> grand scale easily
> >demonstratable when we look at our history and remember
> perhaps .0001% of
> >those that have lived. Many of us Americans would see many
> articles in the
> >Bill of Rights as Ideas more valuable than peoples lives. Freedom of
> >expresion, religion, carry fire arms, privacy - all worth
> killing or dying
> >for in my opinion.
> That sounds noble and all...but I know that I would not want
> to die before
> I hit twenty for someone else's Idea.
> ~kjs