RE: virus: "Freedom, give it to me."

Zloduska (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 23:25:36 -0600

Bill wrote:

>Well, as someone who stood against a crowd, 2 times now, while being shouted
>at, had things thrown at them and the whole plethora of fear tactics. I feel
>confident I would stand there again to protect speach. It sucks to take the
>battery of abuses of the intollerant - but I am better for it. The
>experience of having my fellow Americans attack me so virulently for
>standing up for what I believe in, tought me that the freedom of expression
>in this country is at serious risk.
>If they make Flag burning a crime, you will see me there again, burning my
>flag in front of the world. Taking the violence and insults as they come.

I always stand up for what I believe in as well, even if it includes protesting and risking my own safety, but originally you said something like "die" or "kill" for an idea of freedom. You're still alive, aren't you? There isn't much good one can do while dead. Personally, I'd rather be a live example for others, not a corpse.

"When I was dead I wore a strong perfume", ~kjs