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Y2K is not a bug, it is a feature :-)
Like the software virus' before it, it is designed to generate revenue for the computer literate through the spreading of FUD amongst the illiteratti. In countries where they cannot afford to pay Y2K consultants vast sums of money, a few systems will fail, and shortly thereafter they will be debugged and will work again.
Software being what it is, real software professionals know how to debug software... Shillsters being what they are, real shillsters know how to extract money from marks.
I just wonder where the ex-antivirus, currently Y2K consultants will be employed next? Probably building firewalls.


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KMO wrote:
>Alex Engelson wrote:
>> Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the meme that is the y2k bug
>> paranoia?
>Who's to say that it's paranoia? Maybe those of us who AREN'T
>stockpiling guns and freeze-dried rations are the ones who are out of
>sync with the situation. There are groups of cobol programmers who were
>working on fixing those gazillions of lines of code but have since
>decided that there's no way of fixing everything in time, and so they've
>purchased ranches in Montana and Wyoming and turned survivalist.

I have another Y2K question. What do you think will be its effect in other countries? What about Europe, or a 'third world' country? Do you think *everyone* is going to react the same way? Will global diversity affect the world's reaction to the year 2000?

Personally, all I ever read about is the Y2K bug in terms of western culture and the U.S. I would think the situation will be different in less populated, less industrailized areas, and that even those with different religious backgrounds. I wonder in part because I don't plan on being in the US when it happens.