virus: Pissing Contest

Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:10:13 -0800

carlw wrote:

> I must say I once hoped for better than this
> The memetic mail list, is it just shit and piss?

Seems like it. You certainly have put forth the effort to start more substantial threads, but it's hard to start a rational conversation in the middle of a pissing contest.

> I can quite safely suggest that I think that an intelligent alien reading
> the vomitings of this group would be convinced that he had seen the darkness
> at the end of the tunnel.

Perhaps. Or maybe said alien would be glad to see that at least a few of the humans who think they've got it all figured out are keeping themselves harmlessly occupied with this shit and piss rather than impossing their solutions on the unwashed masses.

> I fear me that I don't see any sign of reason,
> never mind its "ray". And to this observer, it is the "Saints of the COV"
> who are being routed.

Nothing that gets posted to this list presents any danger to Saint Chuck and crew.