virus: A Sonnet On a Pissing Contest was RE: virus: Koreshi Fragment

A Sonnet On a Pissing Contest was RE: virus: Koreshi Fragment

carlw (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 02:32:53 -0600

A Sonnet On a Pissing Contest

To babble broken fragments of mystery
Or rambling word association frequently
Is a sign that the speaker and those of his kin Are standing without, and wouldst rather be in

And there are signs that all this is simply a babble And not all that is seen is quite on the level Is that one, two or three? There seems to be doubt And unsure of themselves, they all start to shout

In voices bereft of reason or rhyme
It used to be seldom, now all of the time They take recourse to mystical speech most elided And if you miss allegorical "truths" you're derided

I must say I once hoped for better than this The memetic mail list, is it just shit and piss?

A better poet (or doggerelist) than I once wrote:

When reason's ray shines over all,
And puts the saints to rout,
Then Peter's holiness will pall,
And Paul's will peter out.

I can quite safely suggest that I think that an intelligent alien reading the vomitings of this group would be convinced that he had seen the darkness at the end of the tunnel. I fear me that I don't see any sign of reason, never mind its "ray". And to this observer, it is the "Saints of the COV" who are being routed.

TheHermit (well lubricated and speaking snidely) Aut "in vino veritas", aut "in vino blateratas"?

PS Joe, in the depths of scripture, you will find things that would make even a strong stomached and experienced plumber blanche and when "joined at head, hip and heart" it is to be hoped that anybody will cum, not just doubting devils :-)

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> Forsake the dark bedeviled world
> And glean the light from me.
> That which no mortal soul can know, I'll tell.
> I shall the hidden depths of Scriptures plumb.
> I shall reveal the secrets of the Seven Seals.
> I shall tease the veils from ageless enigmas
> Leaving them shorn before you. Like a
> Thief I shall steal your confidence
> Passing charisma for wisdom and
> Welding your will to the fruition of
> My intentions, the satisfaction of
> My desires. Joined at head, hip and heart, when the
> Doubting devils come, they must drag us down
> Together.
> Joe E. Dees
> Poet, Pagan, Philosopher
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