Re: virus: I'd like to teach the world to sing
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 18:13:24 EST

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<< Do you think I'm looking for an education in logic from you? Such presumption, my little grasshopper. I've forgotten more about reason than you will ever know. I would still enjoy a lesson, but only if you make it interesting

Now, as artists we are always equal. As artists and as scientists. Since experiments are difficult here, I suggest we paint and sing.


Geeze, Reed. I do what I can. Talk about putting terrible pressure on me. Please remember that I am a humorless, bloodless, cold, android/spock hybrid type of rationalist - (we ALL are, don't you know?). My creativity quotient is well below room temperature. And most of that is spent trying to lower your expectations, so that I might occasionally exceed them.

If you keep putting undue pressure like this, I just might slit my mylar wrists and let the oil drain out.


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