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You get it. It was originally composed as an attempt to understand how such a pompous hemorrhoidal asshole as Koresh could get that many people to not only give their children over to him to fuck, but also to burn in a terrestrial hell with him. I decided to post it to this list as a warning against any uncritical sycophancy, regardless of its source or destination.

At Wed, 3 Mar 1999 02:32:53 -0600, you wrote:
>A Sonnet On a Pissing Contest
>To babble broken fragments of mystery
>Or rambling word association frequently
>Is a sign that the speaker and those of his kin
>Are standing without, and wouldst rather be in
>And there are signs that all this is simply a babble
>And not all that is seen is quite on the level
>Is that one, two or three? There seems to be doubt
>And unsure of themselves, they all start to shout
>In voices bereft of reason or rhyme
>It used to be seldom, now all of the time
>They take recourse to mystical speech most elided
>And if you miss allegorical "truths" you're derided
>I must say I once hoped for better than this
>The memetic mail list, is it just shit and piss?
>A better poet (or doggerelist) than I once wrote:
>When reason's ray shines over all,
>And puts the saints to rout,
>Then Peter's holiness will pall,
>And Paul's will peter out.
>I can quite safely suggest that I think that an intelligent alien reading
>the vomitings of this group would be convinced that he had seen the darkness
>at the end of the tunnel. I fear me that I don't see any sign of reason,
>never mind its "ray". And to this observer, it is the "Saints of the COV"
>who are being routed.
>TheHermit (well lubricated and speaking snidely)
>Aut "in vino veritas", aut "in vino blateratas"?
>PS Joe, in the depths of scripture, you will find things that would make
>even a strong stomached and experienced plumber blanche and when "joined at
>head, hip and heart" it is to be hoped that anybody will cum, not just
>doubting devils :-)
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>> Forsake the dark bedeviled world
>> And glean the light from me.
>> That which no mortal soul can know, I'll tell.
>> I shall the hidden depths of Scriptures plumb.
>> I shall reveal the secrets of the Seven Seals.
>> I shall tease the veils from ageless enigmas
>> Leaving them shorn before you. Like a
>> Thief I shall steal your confidence
>> Passing charisma for wisdom and
>> Welding your will to the fruition of
>> My intentions, the satisfaction of
>> My desires. Joined at head, hip and heart, when the
>> Doubting devils come, they must drag us down
>> Together.
>> Joe E. Dees
>> Poet, Pagan, Philosopher
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