virus: HaaaaaaaaYA!

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 13:46:07 -0500

Zloduska <>
>Heh, you said 'arse dribble'. Anyway, is it possible to be in Level 3
>against your own will? It's obvious that Richard and KMO have expressed
>their faith in the Level System, and I don't know about Tim, but Reed
>himself told me he doesn't care for it much at all.

Not so.

Richard wrote his book _Virus of the Mind_ in order to communicate his essential ideas in the simplest possible language. The "Level System" is an beautiful expression of this meditative recrystalization. It is an elegant insturment born of a precise conscious purpose. Imagine a ceremonial katana, the traditional weapon of the samurai.

I have the highest respect for Richard's craftsmanship. But, if I need to cut vegetables...I'll use my cleaver. Imagine the classic Belushi SNL scene.


[As an aside, I don't worry about plugging Richard's books. I like Richard's books. I like Richard. Richard is a cool guy. I do not feel any sense of being used by him. Buy Richard Brodie's books! Buy Ani DiFranco's albums! Buy Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Send your kids to the University of Michigan for undergrad and Harvard for Grad school! Advertize those things you like! What could be more natural?]


  Reed Konsler