Re: virus: Killer arguments against religion?

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 14:39:23 -0500


From: Dave Pape <>
>Has anyone discovered any arguments that're particularly tricky
>for believers to escape from? I'm thinking about including demos
>of evolution, memetic (ish) interpretations of religion, that sort of
>stuff. Sorry this is so ill-formed, I'm gently collecting ideas for a
>website and it's a bit random just yet.

Well, I just ran across the most hilarious thing yesterday about what to do 'bout those people who knock on your door. ("go for the cash... it has a sobering effect that should be quite benefeticial in the long term")

I'll just pass along the web page:
How to Test Christians

(note that as of posting, that server was not responding to me)

I don't know how well it would work in practice, but essentially it relies on quoting the New Testimate versus which refer to the Christian necessity of giving if asked (both the general version and the one about the shirt on your back are quite clear), and then merely asking for the Christians money/shirt because, long before you're going to let them evangilize you, you've got to be SURE you've got a REAL Christian in front of you (quoting versus about false prophets at this point).

The real snare comes after they've given money (which won't happen to often -- usually they will turn away, I'm betting). Once they have "met your bet", you up the anti with Mark 16:15-18, which claims that true Christians can "handle snakes" and "speak in tounges" and "drink deadly poision without it hurting them"... at this point, you produce your vial of arsenic, and present it to them... to be sure you've got a true Chrisian.

I don't think you'll find one Christian in ten thousand willing to drink that vial. Maybe I'm wrong though...