virus: Criminals and religion

Sodom (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 16:56:13 -0500

A while back - a long while. I bet Brett that religious made up a disproportional amount of the criminal population. That Atheists would be the smallest imprisoned number. Well, dammit, I finally ran across such a study. If you are interested in the numbers - check it out at

Basically this is in reference to the origins of ethics in the Atheist. We have discussed this subject many times here, so I wont go into it in depth unless asked to. As Atheists, many of us have heard the "You're an Atheist - you must have no morals." Spit this out at the next person to make such a comment.

Also - In the Atheists Propaganda Pamphlet - oops - I mean - "evangelical atheist pack" we can use these studies to show who really has decent morals, and show that the religious are nothing but a bunch of criminals.

Oh well, just having fun.

Bill Roh