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HAHAHA - yes, I don't remember you very well, but for a new introduction, you're the balls. "Nailgun the fucker to my cellar floor" With my sense of humor, Ill be laughing for a while. What a delightfully gruesome thought. I'm picturing in my head all the jackasses I have learned to despise, and, while licking my lips, considering the sound of nails penetrating their flesh only to get stuck in the floor.

That was nice, now on to something less productive but more socially acceptable.

Love the idea of an "Evangelical Atheists Pack". And would be willing to add to that all day. I'll be glad to canvas. We need a comic (illustrator) to put together tracts like the "Chick Tracts". For those of you who don't know what a "Chick Tract" is: Jack Chick is a hardcore Baptist (I think Baptist) who writes those threateningly delightful little comics that other fanatics hand out at bus stations, train terminals and public events. Here is the WWW site

for my favorite and disgustingly humorous imitation of a Chick Tract, go to:                  Some people
will not like this comic, but when you are done, examine the lower left frame very carefully for the "full" effect.

Im all for helping this cause, and will donate time, art and even a little money if you are serious. Sounds like good clean fun to me.

Bill Roh

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I get a lot of evangelical junkmail: I'm in South London now, near an active jehova's witness cell, and there's a baptist church in Elephant & Castle that mails out and puts up posters around the place.

I've spotted a couple of posts in the archives- Eva, Sodom & Hermit (hello youse people) about inconsistencies in the Bible etc, and I wondered if anyone could help, because what I fancy doing is working out an evangelical atheist pack. It could go on a website in multimedia, and maybe I could print them and put a few "Find Out The Truth About Your Existence" ads around locally, charge postage for a printed version.

Has anyone discovered any arguments that're particularly tricky for believers to escape from? I'm thinking about including demos of evolution, memetic (ish) interpretations of religion, that sort of stuff. Sorry this is so ill-formed, I'm gently collecting ideas for a website and it's a bit random just yet.

Oh, excuse me: I just spotted someone I took a dislike to and, there being no God to guide my actions morally, I've decided I'm going to nailgun the fucker to my cellar floor.