Re: virus: Logic Nazi

Zloduska (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 04:20:27 -0600

LogicNazi wrote:

>Ah, . . . see!!!
>I was looking back in the list and saw ample evidence for Reed's Boogey Man,
>the Logic Nazi. Yes, Reed, I know that you will say that *I* created the
>logic nazi. But I merely gave it a name, when reflecting upon this boogey
>image that you are so quick to foist on us. And it is real, I do believe.
>fact, I am convinced after reading this old EMail of yours, where you pull
>this confessional repentance routine. (Geeze aren't those routines just
>shameful to watch "Yes, I've done drugs, I've committed robberies, but now I
>am SAVED!!")
>Don't assume that just because because you screwed up, that we are all
>screwing up too.
>-Uber Mensch

Are you suffering from a serious identity crisis? I thought you were "Jake". Please don't let the whole "Uber Mensch" thing go to your head. It seems like you're taking the issue a bit too seriously.

You're both bickering over abstractions here...isn't it alright to accept having different opinions? No one has to win or lose.

Peace, man...