RE: virus: Re:[genius] Sexism

Zloduska (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 04:48:45 -0600

Bill wrote:

>I had to read this 2 times to believe it. I had thought this type of bigotry
>to be finally behind us - I guess not.

Sadly, no, including Mr. The-Perpetrator-Is-Actually-The-Biggest-Victim. Yeah, rape's no big deal, but it sure hurts to know you're a criminal. Anyway...

>Science has taught us that Women DO not have inferior cognitive ability, and
>if you had spent any time at all with an empowered woman, you would see that
>they make excellent best friends and intellectual partners not to mention
>lovers. In fact, my underestimating of women has led to a good bit of
>stupidity on my part. Femininity as you call it is most likely the reason
>for the greatest inventions and discoveries we have - like the use of fire,
>cooking, clothing, negotiation, language - the list goes on.

I'm unclear on this- what exactly IS femininity? To the misogynist it is bad, of course, but I don't feel entirely comfortable with your definition either.

Does a quality that you can differentiate between the sexes, with two separate groups possessing it because of their gender, actually exist? Is it qualitative? And to say that it is balanced, or unbalanced, or that one sex has more amount of femininity/masculinity would mean that it's also quantitative?

The meaning of femininity has pretty much fallen apart for me. I don't believe in it.

I have seen the light, and it's emanating from a large black hole. ~kjs