Re: virus: Being a slave to <reason> leads inevitably to

Zloduska (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 03:58:05 -0600

Jake wrote:

[Re: Reed]

>He must have changed some since. He wildly jumps from one sinking ship to
>another, argues that any word can mean just about anything, frequently drifts
>off in erratic tangential monologues that seem only intended for himself,
>constantly makes wild guesses as to what I might mean when I say something,
>even when I have already told exactly what I mean on several occasions.
>Though he is a little entertaining, I am not very impressed.

Actually, those "erratic tangential monologues" are the thing I enjoy best. Before those showed up, I was beginning to question if he was really human! Someone sharing personal experience and feelings, rather than the usual long boring passages of haughty, textbook-like speech that numbs me to no end, does wonders for me. I feel like Reed has painted some color into his self-portrait by divulging some background history, memories, and other bits of 'life'. I still think the current back-and-forth argument is incredibly tedious, but the more I get to know Reed through his tangents, the more I like him as a person.

Bollocks to the logic stuff. ;-) As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you allow the picture you paint speak for itself, it says a lot more about you than the actual thousand-word essays on the essence of rationality ever could.