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Sat, 20 Feb 1999 13:34:37 -0600

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> >>And you, evil man, have rudely taunted the saint and put us
> all in danger.
> Next Christmas, Santa just might not put out if you persist
> in your evil ways,
> you logic nazi!!!!!! You are surely in league with the
> Grinch. In fact, I
> think he has merely been your henchman all along. He only
> wanted to steal
> Christmas once or twice, you are hell bent on destroying the
> gentle saint for
> good!
> ;-I
> -Jake<<
> Santa must die. All his irrational, culturally inferior followers and
> supporters, must cease and desist or suffer the same fate, in
> order to make
> way for the superior culture.
> -Ueber Mensch

ROFL at both of you. Very funny. Beware or I will taunt him again already! I don't think I care whether Santa puts out or not, but those cute teen elves (elvesses?) that he has hanging around in so many of the pictures could tempt a eunuch if they were putting out.

Are we seeing a proliferation of Logic Nazi's here? In that case, while we are having fun, "shurely" that should be ‹bermensch? Or don't supermen need to know how to spell?

DasHermit (picking his teeth while practicing to play the role of Unter Munch)