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Are you saying you've tried them and been burnt? Or are you contradicting your own statement that you can't know what it is without trying it?

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>"Professor! If I said yes, you would think you understand without
>understanding. But if I said no, I would be denying something that many
>to be true."

And this is a precise example of how thinking one knows what heat is without being burnt first... is sheer nonsense.

And why videos and workshops are, well.... not unlike nonsense. Not at all.

Which places this following dialog somewhere just south of the twilight zone-

>>So, what _is_ this 'technique' of which you speak, and of which I have no
>>personal appreciation or knowledge, cannot practice, and have not been
>>subjected to? (Or at the very least, have no memory of and cannot draw
>Nonsense. You know all about science without having performed all the
>The techniques people use to build up their self-confidence are support
>groups, audio and video tapes, and so on.

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