Re: virus: y2k

Mon, 08 Feb 1999 12:37:32 -0800

Zloduska wrote:

> I have another Y2K question. What do you think will be its effect in other
> countries?

I don't know what the effects will be in THIS country, much less in countries about which I know even less.

> What about Europe, or a 'third world' country? Do you think
> *everyone* is going to react the same way?

There will certainly be a variety of effects and reactions to those effects. As for the "third world," I fear that the effects will be far worse in the large cities of poor nations than in richer nations like the U.S. and Japan. The effects may be negligible in the rural regions of those same countries. I think cab drivers in Lima have more to fear from the Y2K bug than do shepards on the Mongolian steppes.

> Will global diversity affect
> the world's reaction to the year 2000?

I would certainly think so.

> Personally, all I ever read about is the Y2K bug in terms of western
> culture and the U.S. I would think the situation will be different in less
> populated, less industrailized areas, and that even those with different
> religious backgrounds. I wonder in part because I don't plan on being in
> the US when it happens.

Where will you be?