Re: virus: y2k

Zloduska (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 13:31:48 -0600

KMO wrote:
>Alex Engelson wrote:
>> Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the meme that is the y2k bug
>> paranoia?
>Who's to say that it's paranoia? Maybe those of us who AREN'T
>stockpiling guns and freeze-dried rations are the ones who are out of
>sync with the situation. There are groups of cobol programmers who were
>working on fixing those gazillions of lines of code but have since
>decided that there's no way of fixing everything in time, and so they've
>purchased ranches in Montana and Wyoming and turned survivalist.

I have another Y2K question. What do you think will be its effect in other countries? What about Europe, or a 'third world' country? Do you think *everyone* is going to react the same way? Will global diversity affect the world's reaction to the year 2000?

Personally, all I ever read about is the Y2K bug in terms of western culture and the U.S. I would think the situation will be different in less populated, less industrailized areas, and that even those with different religious backgrounds. I wonder in part because I don't plan on being in the US when it happens.