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I hate "me too" posts so I'll keep it short. Congratulations on two really nice replies. One small addition to your second post. A scientific reader should "want" his theories to be falsified. That is how scientific progress occurs. Whether in hard or soft disciplines. The bible reader, on the other hand, desperately wants to adhere to the social and "scientific" precepts developed 1,500 to 3,000 years ago, as the one thing that no religion can manage effectively, is change.


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>Is there any fundamental difference between this example and a religious
>person who reads the bible and accepts it as truth?

One difference has just occurred to me - A Bible reader wants to believe. A scientific reader has no desire to believe either way - just sides with the side with the best evidence. No Bible reader can read the Bible then say "Based on objective evidence the Bible is true"

Bill Roh

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It seems like I have lived this argument a million times - Ill sum up the million answers

Science is not right or wrong - it is a description of processes. There is no faith involved - not leap necessary. People think of "science" as an opposite of religion - it is not. Religion is a subset of science. Science changes constantly to fit observation. It does not care which side chooses it. It does not want followers or teachers. Science is just discovery and nothing else. We use it to accurate explain reality. If it is not accurate it is not science. There is no such thing as bad science - there are bad scientists. Religion cannot explain science - Religion is completely explainable by science.

If Science is a kettle, then Religion is a half burnt piece of potato stuck to the side. (Unless you are a level 3 like Richard, then the kettle is stuck to the potato) ; )

Bill Roh

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Dear Virgin,

The "evolutionary pots" have more than a book of mythology inside them. Don't you think?


...yes, I do. I think that when science becomes an end rather than a means, it
starts to take on some of the characteristics of religion or in a broader sense--mythology.

Michael Fulford