Re: virus: An open letter to John Paul II

Zloduska (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 07:48:12 -0600

Robert Gordon wrote:

>That makes sense to me also. That attitude...holier-than-thou.
>Seems like people are stuck at a level where they gain value only by
>comparing themselves to others.
>Wouldn't you say that is immature behavior? Maybe there is some
>underlying psychological idea that can explain this.

Sounds pretty much like 'puberty' to me.

>>The Pope is a fixture. A useless fixture, but an important one to
>>his followers, nonetheless. He goes around "saying" (babble) and
>>making "apperances", but never actually *doing* anything
>>productive, besides furthering someone else's anti-Life agenda.
>>Catholicism is like a decaying ancient structure in ruins, but the
>>Pope is like the pillar, a remnant, still holding it up. The one that
>>people seem to think is still strong, despite all its weaknesses and
> caused some enlightenment in me. Do you think that
>people cling to this "decaying ancient structure" because there is no
>satisfactory replacement?

Well, possibly because they don't think there is a *better* replacement. And if there is a better replacement, they don't want it. I think it's mostly that people are unwilling to change, especially if they've been brought up their entire life in a certain belief system.

>You know, like clinging to the last bits of a crumbling island, rather
>than jump into a sea of uncertainty?
>i.e. Catholisim is better than utter and total angst?

Yes, to the person that doesn't realize that life without religion doesn't have to be filled with angst.

>But also isnt that scary? I mean the Pope spreading, sanctioning
>and justifying all those mind viruses (babble as you say).

Precisely why I cannot stand him!

>Is the Pope a source of viral memes? (but trying to appear like he is
>the doctor)

Yeah, good analogy.

>Spreading their horrible memes heh? So there could be a "sinister"
>element behind this...a metaphysical agenda to spread more mind

Well, I think they have "good intentions" all around, but the "good intentions" are still sinister nonetheless.

>Tell me something ~klsif you could get all those people to stop
>fawning over the popewhat would you offer them as alternative?
>They obviously have some need that is being fulfilled by the Pope.


>What would be a viable alternative?

Rock 'n Roll, baby! "I'm talkin' about ROCK N ROLL!!!"

I am completely and utterly serious about this, as well as fanatical about music. I'll take the Residents over the Pope any old day.


(I'm going to ignore the mistake about my name...just call me "Cookie"...heh)