Re: virus: An open letter to John Paul II

Robert Gordon (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 13:47:05 PST

Zloduska (~kls) wrote:

>Well, you know the expression, "A million lemmings..." I think
>there are lots of reasons why people "fawn" over him. But
>basically, they all have something to gain by doing it-

That makes sense.

~kls wrote:
>Politicians: As I said, Bill Clinton, hypocrite that he is, met with
>the Pope and kissed his ass even though the Pope supposedly is
>against his current actions in Iraq. Despite this, it greatly benefits
>Clinton to show respect and reverence to John Paul II because then
>he wins the support of America's religious folk, and greatly
>numbered they are.

Ah… that's just like what Richard Brodie said in his book...about the politicians catering to the masses and doing stuff (not because it is "right") but because it pushes people's buttons.



~kls wrote:
>The Public: Well, ask yourself what an individual gains from
>worshipping the Pope. It gives many people a sense of hope and
>salvation, but also of self-righteousness and morality, based on the
>superior "holier-than-thou" attitude that Catholicism and the Pope
>stand on.

That makes sense to me also. That attitude...holier-than-thou. Seems like people are stuck at a level where they gain value only by comparing themselves to others.

Wouldn't you say that is immature behavior? Maybe there is some underlying psychological idea that can explain this.

Is there a psychologist in the house that can address that one?

~kls wrote:
>Whereas some groups have something substantial
>to gain from the Pope's support, for the individual he can pacify
>fear and anxiety, no doubt increased by pre-millennium tension.
>But I think he does more harm than good. It's kind of like giving
>your children a lecture on which toxic household chemicals not to
>ingest, but then switching all the labels on each container.
>Unintentional sadism, perhaps?


Powerful analogy.

~kls wrote:
>The Pope is a fixture. A useless fixture, but an important one to
>his followers, nonetheless. He goes around "saying" (babble) and
>making "apperances", but never actually *doing* anything
>productive, besides furthering someone else's anti-Life agenda.
>Catholicism is like a decaying ancient structure in ruins, but the
>Pope is like the pillar, a remnant, still holding it up. The one that
>people seem to think is still strong, despite all its weaknesses and
>faults. caused some enlightenment in me. Do you think that people cling to this "decaying ancient structure" because there is no satisfactory replacement?

You know, like clinging to the last bits of a crumbling island, rather than jump into a sea of uncertainty?

i.e. Catholicism is better than utter and total angst?

But also isn’t that scary? I mean the Pope spreading, sanctioning and justifying all those mind viruses (babble as you say).

We can certainly see how the "pro-life" mind-set has become quite deadly and fanatical. And the Pope is sanctioning this mind set in the minds of millions of people.

Is the Pope a source of viral memes? (but trying to appear like he is the doctor)

~kls wrote:
>If you consider religion "social", then of course it does. If people
>put their faith in him because they need something to believe in,
>that gives him power.

…him and his virus infected hierarchy?

~kls wrote:
>>Mind control? Well, or course the pro-lifers and zealots want
>someone as widely-received as the Pope spreading their horrible

Spreading their horrible memes heh? So there could be a "sinister" element behind this...a metaphysical agenda to spread more mind viruses?


>* WARNING: This post has been highly opinionated and blunt.

Blunt is good.


Tell me something ~kls…if you could get all those people to stop fawning over the pope…what would you offer them as alternative? They obviously have some need that is being fulfilled by the Pope.

What would be a viable alternative?


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