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the great tinkerer (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 13:59:25 PST

<< Upon being presented with this argument, my first recourse was to ask the presenter to tell me what the first law of thermodynamics is. Gosh, I was darned clever in those days. >>

lol. more on evangelical christian groups: jews for jesus or the messianic jews as they prefer to be called.

they are basicaly christians who claim to be jews and follow all jewish traditions with the added messiah jesus. usually they claim they worship yoshu hamoshiach transliterated from the hebrew: "jesus the messiah." theyre goal from the start was to convert jews to christianity.

they usually use quotes from the old testament to show how it predicted the coming of jesus, born of a virgin and to die on a cross. of course the quotes they use are all not there and if you ask them to tell you the verse that comes before the verse they quoted or the verse that comes after they wont know. also, to attack the idea that is even possible to believe in both the new and old testament and to claim to be a jew: remind them of the anit-jew quotes from the new testament... tell em how jews are "the synagogue of satan" hehe... evangelicals are funny when you know more than they do. ;-)

~the great tinkerer

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