Re: virus: An open letter to John Paul II

Zloduska (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 02:46:30 -0600

Robert wrote:

>If that is so (about the Roman Catholic Pope) why do you think
>so "many" people fawn over him?

Well, you know the expression, "A million lemmings..." I think there are lots of reasons why people "fawn" over him. But basically, they all have something to gain by doing it-

Politicians: As I said, Bill Clinton, hypocrite that he is, met with the Pope and kissed his ass even though the Pope supposedly is against his current actions in Iraq. Despite this, it greatly benefits Clinton to show respect and reverence to John Paul II because then he wins the support of America's religious folk, and greatly numbered they are. However, how about the fact that the Dhali Lama recently came to Madison, WI, where I live, and Clinton did not even bother to meet with him, much less invite this exiled "holy man" to the White House, and nor did he personally support other non-Christian leaders, and why? Well, because then China would be offended, and god forbid Clinton actually show any objection to a sparkling, utopian country like *theirs*! I find this appalling and awful. He sure puckers up for the Pope's lily-white arse tho', don't he?

The Public:
Well, ask yourself what an individual gains from worshipping the Pope. It gives many people a sense of hope and salvation, but also of self-righteousness and morality, based on the superior "holier-than-thou" attitude that Catholicism and the Pope stand on. It's a shame that the people are misled this way. Whereas some groups have something substantial to gain from the Pope's support, for the individual he can pacify fear and anxiety, no doubt increased by pre-millennium tension. But I think he does more harm than good. It's kind of like giving your children a lecture on which toxic household chemicals not to ingest, but then switching all the labels on each container. Unintentional sadism, perhaps?

>Why do you think the Pope commands (or engineers) such attention?
>What purpose does it serve?

The Pope is a fixture. A useless fixture, but an important one to his followers, nonetheless. He goes around "saying" (babble) and making "apperances", but never actually *doing* anything productive, besides furthering someone else's anti-Life agenda. Catholicism is like a decaying ancient structure in ruins, but the Pope is like the pillar, a remnant, still holding it up. The one that people seem to think is still strong, despite all its weaknesses and faults.

>Social control?

If you consider religion "social", then of course it does. If people put their faith in him because they need something to believe in, that gives him power.

>Mind control?

Well, or course the pro-lifers and zealots want someone as widely-received as the Pope spreading their horrible message.


What's more, I loathe lounge music.


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