RE: virus: a gene/meme type theory

Ben Mack (
17 Jan 99 16:29:57 -0800

Mr Cash,

I think this is a decent example: Plato. He was gay, so he wasn't a gene replicator, but he was a meme replicator. In The Symposium, he touches on the idea that he wouldn't procreate, but he said he would replicate through his ideas.

N CASH wrote:
>Your discussion of memes and culture is a fascinating one. Tell me, what
>do you think about the selfish-meme/selfish-gene latching onto character
>traits in individuals? What I mean is, could it be said that some
>people, for whatever reason, are more likely to be "procreators" of
>memes and by the same measure, uninterested or not likely to be
>procreators of genes. Can we find any examples of meme-spreader's on a
>huge scale who have, for social or psychological or even physiological
>reasons, have been poor gene procreators. Hitler, for example... Can we
>link any specific qualities in an individual that says they are more
>likely to be one and not the other, or proportionately, more of one and
>less of the other? Are the qualities which make an exceptional
>meme-spreader somehow non-conducive to gene-spreading? Is the
>intellectually driven person unlikely to engage so much in the physical
>world? I am posing questions here, not giving a whole theory. Would be
>glad to hear your ideas.
>"It may, afterall, be the bad habit of creative talents to invest
>themselves in pathological extremes that yield remarkable insights but
>no durable way of life for those who cannot translate their psychic
>wounds into significant art or thought." Theodore Roszak
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